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Sturgeon and Small Mouth Bass

Jet Boat Trip in Hells Canyon on the Snake River

Private custom fishing adventures that are exclusive to your group. The Snake River offers an outstanding fishery for small mouth bass, trout and sturgeon in one of the most impressive destinations in the northwest. You can expect to catch buckets of bass and  a few monster sturgeon in a day during prime months. White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America, weighing up to 400 pounds and can measure up to 12 feet in length, these prehistoric monsters may live for 100’s of years. Because Hells Canyon offers a catch and release fishery, there is an abundance of oversized sturgeon.  Due to the limited access to this remote wilderness section of the Snake River you can expect some of the best fishing in Idaho almost year around.

The Snake River’s Hells Canyon is a very scenic and historic canyon to explore. There are many things to see and do that will complement your day of fishing if you choose. We guarantee you will have a blast, and your day on the river will be a memorable experience. Everyone will enjoy the warm water, great fishing and spectacular scenery in the deepest canyon in North America.

Why Choose Us

We fish some of the most spectacular wilderness in the country. We are permitted for more river miles in Idaho than any other fishing outfitter. If the conditions are not great on one section we can get you to the fish on another. We operate both jet boats and drift boats to make sure you get the best experience possible and to allow us to get places no one else goes.

Snake River

Hells Canyon is awesome in every way, the best year around fishing in Idaho. The Snake River offers consistent water temperatures to give anglers   unparalleled fishing.  The limited access and limited pressure in the Hells Canyon Wilderness guarantees  great numbers of Bass and Snake River Sturgeon.  Fall King Salmon and Winter Steelhead fishing during the fall and winter months.

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Hells Canyon Fishing and tour Jet Boat Charter

World-class fishing while enjoying an adventure through the deepest canyon. Experience Snake River Sturgeon Fishing in the Hells Canyon Wilderness on fun Jet Boat charter. Catching one of these monsters is awesome but the Bass will keep a smile on your face.
Meet your captain at Pittsburgh Landing at 8am MT. You will be back around 4pm. A nice lunch and drinks are provided.

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"Bar none a consistently great experience... Professional, knowledgeable, personable and fun to work with. These guys work in some of the most scenic wilderness areas on the planet."
family jet boat tour in hells canyon
Ron Ray
Adventure Enthusiast
“Amazing! We had so much fun! 1 day up the"river of no return"! Day 2 sturgeon fishing was just as much fun. Hell's canyon was beautiful and Jeff showed us all of it's glory! Thanks guys! We'd do it again in a heartbeat!"
Crystal Noyes
sturgeon caught in hells canyon on the snake river
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