Jet Boat Tours of the Main Salmon River

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Jet Boat Tours

Main Salmon River and the “Frank Church” Wilderness

Idaho is home to the second deepest canyon in North America. This canyon was formed by the largest free flowing river in the United States called the Salmon River. This river has no dams or manmade obstructions, making the waters extremely untamed and exciting. The river carves through a few different mountain ranges, including the Bitterroot Range, Sawtooth and the Lehmi Range all through central and eastern Idaho.

The Salmon River is also known as the River of No Return and is deep rooted in American history and played a vital role during the gold rush of the mid-1800s. Settlements all along the river banks from that time make this area rich with historical sites that can still be seen today. Before the gold rush, the area was inhabited by a number of indigenous tribes including the Nez Perce. This tribe considered the river sacred because of all the sustenance it provided for them.

Taking a jet boat tour on the historic, unruly and magnificent Salmon River gives you the chance to experience all the past has left behind, but also experience everything Mother Nature has at her best. A jet boat tour of the area is probably one of the best ways to experience it. You get to feel the thrill of the water, and take in the views of the surrounding waters.

One of the best jet boat tours in the area is offered by Salmon River Tours. You will get a full day adventure on the river where you won’t miss out on anything on or around the water!

Here’s everything you can expect to see on the tour:

You will get to board on of the jet boats at the Vinegar Creek boat ramp where you will start your adventure into one of the most exciting trips of your life. Your boat ride takes you over the historic river that flows through the wilderness and between the deep canyons carved out by glorious mountain ranges. You won’t want to put your camera down! The opportunities for photographs are virtually endless as you go on this adrenalin-filled boat ride down the River of No Return.

The experience is packed full of things to do. You get to stop at historic ranches and museums and even unwind at the Mackay Bar along the way. You will be showered with knowledge from your Captain who is well-versed in the rich history of the surrounding area. There are also many sandy beaches that line the river, where you will get the chance to get off and dip your feet into the water.

So, if you’re looking to experience Idaho with everything it has to offer, and specifically the Salmon River in all its glory, click here to book your tour now! The process for booking is simple, and you will get a jet boat ride with the best guides for the job! It will be an experience you and whoever you are travelling with will never forget.

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