Experiencing Serenity – Jet Boat Tours in Idaho

jet boat tours in the idaho wilderness

With spring just around the corner, the wildlife is starting to come out of hibernation and foliage is ready to bloom. This is the perfect time to book a spring or summer adventure with your family on a jet boat tour and enjoy nature at its finest.

Jet boat tours in Idaho are a great way to shrug the city lights and concrete for the clear rivers of Idaho with your family, taking photos and making memories. Jet boat tours get you out in the wild places like no other. Combine many other activities like river rafting, fishing, or hiking. Out in nature, just you on a boat or at the lodge enjoying the sun above, water below, and nature at all sides. 

But which jet boat tour to choose in Idaho?

Well, we’re here to lay out your options and to give you a taste of the two most widely-visited jet boating trips have to offer.

Jet Boat Tours in Idaho You Must Go To

Main Salmon River Jet Boat Wilderness Tour

The Main Salmon River stretches through the heart of Idaho, letting you experience the versatile eco-system it houses. From friendly rocky mountain big horn sheep, elk, deer and mountain goat to intimidating, black bears, coyote, wolves and mountain lion. The rivers themselves also present opportunities to fish for bass, and the ever-beautiful and vibrant rainbow and cutthroat trout.

Want to look at the skies? Birds such as the mountain bluebird, bald eagles, osprey and peregrine falcon will be there to give you a wilderness experience to remember.

You’ll go through the River of No Return wilderness, touring through the second deepest canyon on the continent. Every second of the jet boat tour will present a new photo op that you just won’t want to miss! The journey is filled with intrigue and historical places, all of which the jet boat captain will gladly let you explore on your own or guide you through, based on your preference!

You can go on a full-day tour with us and enjoy this beautiful river in all its glory. Food and drinks are on the house!

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tour

In Hells Canyon on the Snake River, regardless of whether your on a fishing charter for sturgeon and bass, or a private jet boat adventure, you get to experience true Idaho adventure you can do it all on this trip. This is because the Snake River – is renowned for its warm water, great fishing, powerful waves and whitewater rapids.

A jet boat trip in Hells Canyon is fun for all ages. You’ll get to see the beauty of the Seven Devil mountains and an equally diverse array of wildlife. Regardless of the month, jet boating on the Snake River is always a great experience.

Whether you’re looking for a quite time simply want to charter a jet boat to go on a fun trip with friends and family, we can help you leave civilization behind with a full-day jet boat tour to Hells Canyon and more. We’re but a call away!

Wilderness Escapes at the Ram House Lodge

Tucked away in the wilderness surrounding the river is the China Bar Lodge. You will get pampered and realize that you don’t have to rough it to enjoy the outdoors while you stay the night here. The decks of the lodge overlook the river, so your morning breakfast will be accompanied with some undeniably magical views. You won’t want to put your camera down! The opportunities for photographs are virtually endless as you go on this vacation in the River of No Return wilderness.

The experience is packed full of things to do. You get to stop at historic ranches and museums and unwind at the Lodge at Mackay Bar. You will be showered with knowledge from your Captain who is well-versed in the rich history of the surrounding area. There are also many sandy beaches that line the river and a few by the lodge where you will get the chance to take a dip or relax on the white sand beach. In the evening you may want to start a campfire, share stories, roast marshmallows, and experience nature to your heart’s content, just like our ancestors did!

So, if you’re looking to experience Idaho with everything it has to offer, and specifically the Salmon River in all its glory, click here to book your tour now! It will be an experience you and whoever you are traveling with will never forget.

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